Josh Freeman
Kevin Consales
Anat Rodan
Wendy Tigerman
Amy Crossan
Mariella Avenarius
Judy Walker
Patricia Payro
Freedom of association.
We're a team of top strategic and creative people who work together, yet independently. A group that represents some of the preeminent talent in their respective fields. Unconstrained by the boundaries of a physical office, we are linked instead with today's technologies--computers with broadband connections. We purposely keep the firm small and focused. That way we can devote our energies to a few clients' needs, without compromising the quality of our creative solutions.

Our flexibility and low overhead ensure that our clients get what they pay for: the direct involvement of our senior associates. They know that their project won't be given to a less experienced underling once it gets back to the office.

Each client's project or program is handled by associates skilled in the areas of expertise required. These groups are guided by the creative and strategic direction of the firm's president, Josh Freeman.

Allow us to introduce some of the exceptional members of our team of independent thinkers. Professionals whose combined skills make sure our clients get the results they have the right to expect from their marketing design firm.
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