We love our clients. They love us back. And sometimes they even put it in writing. What a wonderful thing.
FreeAssociates has been working with AbilityFirst since 2006…and we've been delighted with the changes the team has helped make in the way we present ourselves.

Their work was insightful and creative, and meshed beautifully with our needs and our mission. ...

Ultimately, Josh consulted with us to help develop a new brand identity statement… as well as a marketing plan to help implement it. He worked with a team of senior staff, parents and Board members, taking us through a fascinating process of brand development and definition over the course of several months. He helped us define and segment our audiences, and find the common threads that run through their relationships with AbilityFirst. He also facilitated parent focus groups that yielded useful insights to which we'll be referring as we move forward. Any company would be very lucky to work with FreeAssociates.

Lori Gangemi
President and CEO
FreeAssociates is simply the best. From concept to design, [they] fully understood the nature and complexities of our esoteric industry and translated that into cutting edge and state of the art graphics work. They are an asset that we have relied on for over 10 years and they have greatly helped to propel our company to an industry leader. They are reliable, on time, fairly priced, personable, and always provide a superb product that will offer your company many competitive advantages. From web design/redesign and unique logos to marketing literature for trade show displays, [FreeAssociates offers] the consummate package that companies need in today's global environment.

Jay Cole
TDI Library Research
I've worked with Josh as his client, vendor and employee. We've worked on big and small projects, for wonderful and less wonderful clients, and on long-term and at-the-last-minute rush projects. In every case, he's been fully committed to the job. He does what's right, not what's easy or simple. He truly listens to what clients are saying, and he's not afraid to be honest with his response. He treats both his clients and staff with respect and a smile. He can make a serious product more engaging, and help people take a lightweight product seriously. He's fun to work with, and seriously smart. I highly recommend his work.

Joe Riehm
Content strategist/writer
SkyBlue WebWorks
I hired FreeAssociates at Kenwood Electronics, at first for a few projects. Their initial work was so strong, and their understanding of the brand and where we needed to move it so keen, that they soon became a critical branding partner for the company.

In fact, the firm's work helped redefine and reposition our brand—significantly contributing to a 26% increase in brand awareness over the 5 years we worked together. Josh is a highly creative and talented designer, and all his work is driven by a deep understanding of business and brand strategy. Josh, and the work his company produces, are truly outstanding!

Patrice Varni
Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing
Tempur Sealy Inc.
Josh and his team of graphic experts at FreeAssociates are terrific. They are fun to work with and extremely creative. Josh stands out as the most intelligent, imaginative, and all round wonderful professional I've ever worked with. My tag line for FreeAssociates is: "I love FreeAssociates." They are the best. You will most definitely be thrilled with their work and love them too!

Pam Meyer
Owner/Principal Interior Designer
Meyer Architecture
I have hired FreeAssociates for three different companies–Memorex, Acqess Technologies, and NTI. In all engagements and on all projects, [they have] provided exceptional work...

[They] created highly effective and visually stunning marketing materials and have helped us launch new products and reposition older ones. In each case, their take was based on the real needs of our audience and our company. ...Their wide-ranging experience...brings a freshness to their work.

But, everything else aside, Josh is great to work with. He's smart and he listens. He's also great to have lunch with! If you have a chance to do that, go for it. You'll be very happy you did...

Lisa Pia Hall
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
H2 Squared, Inc.
FreeAssociates helped us re-think the positioning and marketing of the [Revlon Run/Walk for Women], then created a powerful brand identity plus a fresh master advertising concept and image for each year's event. They consistently challenged us and our primary sponsors to think about the Run/Walk in a new way, and presented us with exciting choices for our annual campaigns. Then they listened carefully, and worked with us to adjust their concepts if necessary.

They were very much part of the team, celebrating our successes and finding paths through our challenges. They dealt with the sometimes difficult deadlines, political complexities, multiple changes and tight budgets that are typical of nonprofit, sponsored events. They solved problems creatively, communicated well, and were always there for us.

We truly enjoyed working with them, and we strongly recommend them to anyone who's looking for a smart, creative, professional team to help them brand and promote their idea.

Judy Davis
Founder and President,
The Davis Group
Our company first retained FreeAssociates (then Josh Freeman Design Office) as our graphics and advertising consultants in 1987 after interviewing eight firms, and we've never looked back. Through the years Josh and his superlative team have invariably delivered exceptionally creative, upbeat corporate identity and project-specific marketing programs that take us out of the box and into the winners circle every time. Both our projects, and [the firm's] work for us, have been accorded regional and national recognition on a repeat basis, and his outstanding graphics and messaging serve as a great reflection of our company's commitment to quality and innovation in the homebuilding industry.

Loren Bloch
Community Dynamics Inc.
Josh has done an amazing job at building his business around caring for his clients as much as he does his own staff. He has been able to secure a team of original talent that have the needed creative experience and reflect the business expertise to get a job done on time. This was critically important to building a brand like Karito Kids. FreeAssociates helped build Karito Kids branded style guide, trade show materials, catalogs and packaging along with countless other projects…they are conscientious of clients' resources and do well to set realistic milestones and budgets to get the job done on time, without compromising execution or delivery of product.

Overall... I would strongly recommend FreeAssociates. Josh and his team are willing to go the extra mile by investing their time up front to understand the strategy of the project and not just the tactical execution. He and his team work well under pressure and help to manage the client, acting as an extension to your organization or part of the team. A job continuously well done by FreeAssociates!

Laura Rangel
KidsGive LLC
Josh's work was simple, direct, and bold. It has had universal praise and, uncommonly for public signage and design, everyone loves it. It's prominent. Strong. Clean. It works.

Hire Josh. He'll transform the way people think about your business or project.

Richard McKinnon
Planning Commissioner,
City of Santa Monica
Founding Partner, Perceptric Media
Josh and his team at FreeAssociates continue to provide me with creative and innovative marketing agency services including design, copy and campaign strategy. The great thing about Josh and his team is that "they get it" — they understand our business goals and are able to create intelligent and one-of-a-kind campaigns that appeal to the emotional and business sides of our customers. This approach consistently provides successful results in addition to accolades from my colleagues and our customers.

Kim Baker
Marketing Director
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